Virtual Controller / Part-Time CFO

We’re a complete financial solution for the cannabis industry providing a range of cannabis accounting & finance services. Whether maximizing cost of goods under IRC 280E or preparing a six month rolling cash forecast, we’re working with you to grow and improve your business while maintaining meticulous records and completing monthly reporting packages.

All of our clients receive professional on-boarding, a proprietary cannabis Chart of Accounts and expertise from the largest network of cannabis accounting professionals in the U.S. including CPA’s, tax professionals and CFO’s.

Examples of services we offer. Each client’s plan is adapted to their specific business needs.

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virtual controller

  • Monthly Bookkeeping Review

  • Monthly Financials Package

  • Bank Reconciliation(s)

  • Cost Accounting (280e)

  • Annual 1099’s

  • Form 8300

  • Rolling Cash Forecast

  • Annual Budget

  • Mid-Year Forecast

Part-Time cfo

Virtual Controller Services+

  • Monthly Analysis (trend/variance)

  • Monthly Finance Calls

  • Quarterly Finance Presentation

  • Liaison with bank, attorneys, other contractors, etc. 


All businesses are not created equal. You are a Cannabis CEO and it is imperative that you work with an established company with the specific set of skills and knowledge needed to help you navigate your way towards success. Wondering how our firm stacks up against the rest?

Here is a list of the additional services that we are able to provide:

  • Professional On-boarding and Cleanup 

  • Proprietary Chart of Accounts for all Cannabis Industries

  • Record Keeping  (support docs attached to each transaction)

  • Bank/Credit Card reconciliations

  • Accountant/CPA review of entry and reconciliations

  • Preparation of GAAP Accruals, including required cost accounting

  • Preparation of Month End Tie Out Report 

  • Preparation of Professional/GAAP Financials & Month End Reports

  • Preparation of 90 Day Rolling Cash forecast

  • Other Value Add docs (models, HR docs, etc)

  • 280e Tax work-papers (convert GAAP to 280e/471 ready)

  • Perpetual Data Room

  • Fixed Fee Pricing / We grow as you grow

  • More Cash: increased margins, better tax planning, maximizing available deductions

  • Better Compliance as records and accounting are more robust

We do not provide cookie cutter solutions for our clients, every business is different and we work towards providing a unique and purposeful solution every time