"Quick & Dirty" - A Two Page eGuide: Strong Accounting & Finance for Cannabis

In addition to growing Alice & Fran LLC into a premier cannabis accounting & finance firm, one of my goals is, and has always been, educating small to medium size business owners on all things (cannabis) accounting & finance.  My first two blog posts, Strong Accounting & Finance - Essential for a Successful (Cannabis) Company and Strong Accounting & Finance?  Start Here  were “long reads” intended to introduce traditional accounting & finance best practices and efficient processes to cannabis business owners.  Many executives and founders in the industry are in leadership roles for the first time in their careers.  They might not have a deep understanding of the day-to-day accounting function or the importance of financial management to exit strategy, expansion plans and audits.

Not everyone has the time, or patience, for a long blog post but I am truly passionate about education and providing the tools and information cannabiz owners need to thrive in the federally illegal, highly regulated, exorbitantly taxed markets they are operating in.  I edited, re-edited and then edited again, reducing five pages to a two page eGuide - Strong Accounting & Finance.  The guide is HERE and will also be posted on the coming-this-fall Resources page on www.aliceandfran.com  Later this month I’ll be completing another eGuide - A Cannabis CEO’s Guide to Accounting. This more comprehensive, yet still high-level, guide will provide insight into the absolute basics you must have covered to have a compliant, profitable and sustainable cannabis business.

You can also click the image below to download the guide.