Cannabiz Spotlight Series - VET CBD


Being a B2B service provider in the cannabis industry means you go to a lot of networking events, a lot. Conferences, retreats, seminars, forums, circles, caucuses, etc. It’s extremely time consuming, quite expensive and rarely provides immediate ROI on those precious marketing dollars. On the upside, you meet some of the smartest, most forward thinking, positive and innovative entrepreneurs in business today. You get introduced to, or introduce yourself to (ugh), first time retailers, lifelong farmers, Instagram brand ambassadors, experienced attorneys, artisan edible makers and passionate patient advocates. Everyone is excited to share what their role is in the industry, and to hear about what you’re doing in the space. It’s in this way that I have discovered some amazing brands and met fellow cannabiz owners that have impressed and inspired me, through their quality products/services, passion for the industry and commitment to persevering in cannabis despite the on-going legal and social acceptance hurdles. I’ve decide to share some of them here in my new “Cannabiz Spotlight” series.

First up is the amazing VET CBD Our 15 year old lab mix, Veruca, started having seizure-like episodes, in addition to her existing mobility issues due to arthritis and a torn ACL, so we decided to try to manage the “shakies” (as we called them) with CBD versus a multitude of very pricey, invasive and frequent tests to determine exactly what the issue was. I was already benefiting from a Papa & Barkley 30:1 tincture so I was confident that if it didn’t help Lady V’s episodes and arthritic pain, it certainly wouldn’t hurt her and might relieve some of her rescue dog anxiety.

I first tried a CBD brand for people but kept seeing VET CBD at the dispensary and the budtender assured me that many people, including herself, were very happy with the results they were seeing in their fur babies. I’m a Scotch-Irish Catholic accountant from Boston = I’m very skeptical, so when two days after starting VET CBD’s 20:1 tincture Veruca’s episodes had pretty much subsided to the occasional “oops I’m a little off balance”I was surprised. After a few months the expense started to feel a bit much so I tried a hemp CBD oil (no THC) which did…nothing. The seizure-like episodes returned within a day and her limping got worse. BAD mommy for trying to save money on something as important as V’s CBD. We returned to VET CBD and have stayed with two doses per day, increasing periodically as she ages and her little joints need all the anti-inflammatory help they can get.

The price of the product directly reflects the quality, and the fantastic folks behind VET CBD recently lowered their prices to make it accessible to more pet owners. Yes, you read that correctly, they lowered the price, almost unheard of in any industry for a consumer product unless there is an oversupply. And there certainly is not an oversupply of responsibly grown, medical-grade cannabis tincture for pets.That’s just how cool many of the small business owners in cannabis are. Yes, they want to grow and be profitable, but in a way that maintains the commitment to the plant and the people.

I’ve recommended VET CBD to several acquaintances and neighbors, all of whom have thanked me later. That within itself shows what a special product it is for pets and their owners.